Citizens United

Citizens United is a particularly nasty Supreme Court case and decision which allows big money into politics in a variety of forms.
In its worst form, it allows big-buck, anonymous donors with a particular agenda to donate anonymously with no checks, balances or reporting.
It means big corporations, oil companies, polluters, employee exploiters can pay to influence their needs.
It means they can buy politicians to vote exactly the way desired to get exactly the results desired.
It is mandatory to neuter Citizens United to preserve Democracy!
"One man, one vote" is threatened by "one million dollars, all the votes".
Bernie's candidacy proved it was not necessary to be beholden to big donors.
It proved it was possible to raise equally large amounts of small donations from individual voters when your cause is just.
When your cause is evil, the only way to prevail is to throw money at it and buy votes.
With Citizens United, it is presently possible to do that within the scope of the law as presently written.
("I was just following the law, officer.")
And money was paid for Citizens United to be written as well. And not for the well-being of the citizenry.
What's good for General Motors is not good for the general well-being. Period.

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