Climate Change

Climate Change is real. Deal with it.
No "science denier" should have any position of authority.

That the word the says the is not deniable.
One cannot deny what it means in English either.
You can deny what it might mean in Uzbecki, but not English.
Mathematics is not deniable either (unless you're innumerate).
Science, when proven, describes the world as it is.
Mathematics quantifies science. Language conveys it.
The three are incontrivertible.

Climate Change used to be a theory. Then it was proven. Now it is a fact.
Plate Tectonics used to be a theory Then it was proven. Now it is a fact.
Special Relativity used to be a theory. Then it was proven. Now it is a fact.
Evolution used to be a theory. Then it was proven. Now it is a fact.
Gravity used to be a theory. Then it was proven. Now it is a fact.
Persons that can't get their minds around these things have no business in positions of power or authority.

"Oh it's just a theory."
There used to be a climate change theory about carbon dioxide and global warming.
It was proven and is no longer a theory. It is Climate Change.
There are new climate change theories now that that theory has become fact. "It's just the natural cycle."
No. It's not. That is a false theory and therefore cannot be fact.
If there are no facts or supporting data, it's not even a theory.
It might be a conjecture at best, a guess less reasoned or the most likely possibility- a fraud.
Perpetrated by the oil companies to keep raping the Earth and killing her while they make obscene profits
even though their own research has told them of global warming thirty years ago.
Rex Tillerson will be dead before Mother Earth, so he doesn't give a rat's ass.
Trump can't count to twenty (but he'll get twenty plus years in the slammer), so he is clueless about the timeframe of this impending disaster.

Our children know. It has been a fact since before they were born.
And if you are a science denier and get buried in Florida, I wouldn't blame them for not disenterring your bones when it's under water.
It will be. That's something you can bank on. The insurance underwriters are already bailing.
You think they believe your horse puckey? They believe science and know it when they see it.
They ignore science if it makes them money like the oil companies do.
But if you see them following science, it must be true.
Besides, the largest re-insurer in the world is Swiss Re and they don't have this Elmer Gantry 19th-century midset.
They are modern Europeans.
(This is Gummerscheimer's right before the house crumpled in the Flood of '93)

Hey, Fundamentalists and Literalists. Something for you on a positive note. No ill will intended.
Science has proven there was a Flood. Woodshole and Scripps Oceanographic Institutes first noted this.
Get the book Noah's Flood by William Ryan and Walter C. Pitman.
There really was. 5500 BC. Near the Garden of Eden and Ararat where the Ark came to rest. Seriously.
According to the Good Book, it was caused by the evil of men.
There's another Flood coming and it is caused by the evil of men (corporations are people too).
Go ahead and Google the "changed map of the earth from rising sea levels."
"Wanna buy some beach front property in Florida?"
Southern Missouri would be a better choice.

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