Evolution is not a theory! Surprised? Evolution is FACT! Evolution is Science. Pure and simple. Proven.

Creationism is a theory. It is NOT fact. It is a belief. It is permitted to believe in Intelligent Design.
But trust me, that Intelligent Designer included Evolution in the Design.
When it is taught in the public arena, it violates Constitutional Guarantees of the Separation of Church and State.
It violates the rights of those students and worse still, it ill-equips them for life in a science-based world.
This author attends church every Sunday. He does not bring his religious views into the public forum.
To do so would violate YOUR rights of the Separation of Church and State.
I expect you to be equally respectful (and law-abiding). It is the LAW you know- the Constitution- remember that?
Or only when convenient?
I would further postulate that anyone pushing Creationism in schools is violating my Constitutional rights.
You have the right to talk about it (something about the freedom of sppech),
But you don't have the right to make it the law. Conspiring to break the law is against the law in the strictest legal sense.
Hands behind your head! You have the right to an attorney. ANYTHING you say will be held against you.

This author was a co-founder of City Museum and brought the Russian Dinosaur Exhibition for the Grand Opening in 1997.
They were all fakes. We created them in an alley behind Universal Studios in Hollywood.
(They couldn't spare a studio- they were faking the landing on the moon.)
We fooled every scientist in the world and three million visitors.
School groups would come from private religious schools and the science teachers would take us aside.
They would say "Look we understand about dinos and all- just please don't say the 'e' word."
So we didn't.
And you'd watch the exhibit and here would be an eight-year-old boy in front of the Tyrannosaurus all slack-jawed and awestruck.
Right next to him would be this eighty-year-old man. Exact same expression on his face. Universal curiousity and awe.
Kinda loosens the hold of religion and mindless obedience.
Hard to get those twelve- year-old girls to marry the seventy-year-old church elder when they know truth.

Then one day, this guy shows up. In a loud voice he exclaims "The Earth was created in seven days!"
I wandered over and right before I applied the TASER, I asked "How's that?" (We believe in freedom of speech.)
He said, "Cambrian, Silurian, Devonian, Permian, Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous."
Of course, there's more, but I was laughing so hard, I couldn't pull the trigger on the TASER.
It was such a good schtick, we worked it into our museum presentation.
A little hybridization and everyone was thoughtful and peaceable.
Maybe there is a God who created this in the Beginning.
We cannot know. We cannot NOT know. We can say what we believe. we can't force it on others.
But He did include Evolution.
Perhaps He did create Man (and Woman) in His own image.
Constantly learning, constantly improving. Knowing ALL and when more ALL becomes into being, incorporating that.
That's a perfect image of a perfect God. Learning, growing, expanding.

Evolution occurs everyday around us.
Farmers spray Roundup on Johnson Grass. Some dies, some doesn't. That which doesn't replaces that which died.
The new Johnson Grass is "Roundup resistant". That is Evolution- pure and simple.
Denying Evolution will not protect you from those hideous infections no longer suseptible to even the most powerful antibiotics.
Should we deny Evolution and give up looking for new antibiotics? You first.
I suspect folks are worried that Grandma descended from an ape (Yeah, Uncle Mergatroid's knuckles do drag the ground...").
No she and apes split from a common ancestor millions of years ago. They are millionth cousins.
We all split from yeast billions of years ago. Sorry. That yeast infection is the relatives moving back in.
Modern humans improved with time from a less adaptable ancestor.
As we moved out of Africa (or Eden), we developed cold-tolerance and spread even further.
Sub-cutaneous fat for additional insulation is in Aisle Four in Cosmetics (NOT).
That's why Equator people arriving in New York shiver when it's 60 and Swedes run around in T-shirts.
When this author lived in Jamaica, he was warned his tomatoes would freeze because it was going to be below sixty that night.
Humans have adapted to cold. That is called Evolution.
Have you ever seen an African with as much hair on his back and shoulders as some of those Viking types?
Get real. Science denial is for fools or people with an agenda and it's not a good agenda.

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