Gay Rights

Gay has gone from being "happy"
to being "the love that dare not speaketh its name"
to "don't ask, don't tell"
to being part of the modern fabric of social discourse.
Of course, there are some who are not comfortable with this.
But guess what?
What goes on behind closed bedroom doors of consenting adults "ain't no one's business but their own".
It's not the government's business, nor religion's business nor the media's.
Privacy is protected.
So (in the famous lyrics of a song I will write someday) "Let It Be".

If someone elects to run around the bedroom in purple spandex squirting ketchup on each other and call it love, it's not my business either.
(Frankly, purple clashes with my decor.)
Some of us lead very uneventful yet fulfilling love lives.
Others want a dash of bravado, a flavor of spice and a whoosh of sea breezes followed by blaring trumpets.
For most of us, that tapers off about the third week after the honeymoon.
Others elect to invigorate relationships by various means.
Let me reiterate. It's not anyone's business.

From a public policy perspective, one might think the conservative wingnuts would consider the LGBT community to be natural allies.
After all they're not clamoring for maternity leave.
They're not "makin' more babies to get on welfare".
No child support issues.
They pay extra taxes because they don't have the dependants.
The list is endless.

This author has a daughter who stridently and vociferously defends the rights of this community.
She does not understand why others are not equally vocal.
She does not undersand that there is an older generation that had different values.
Times have changed and those values are changing as well.
This does not forestall the need for diplomacy and gentle persuasion.

As for those who think it evil and an abomination, they need to carry it back to their church and preach to their choir.
This choir is not interested. We sing about the joy of human love and fellowship in whatever form.

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