Ahhh, yes, Medicare. A retiree's "new best friend".
A "slide into Home Plate".
"Whew, made it."
"A comprehensive healthcare plan I bought and paid for with fifty years hard work."
A plan with fifty years experience, fine-tuning and tweaking.
Wait what's this?
Legislation to substitute a worthless piece of paper? A voucher to buy insurance? I ALREADY PAID FOR IT!!!!!

That pretty well sums it up.

And since it is so good, how to stabilize it and expand it?
How about for each year that passes, extend Medicare eligility a year earlier.
That would mean that while 65 year olds now receive it, within ten years, 55 year olds would be eligible.
Of course, the 55 year olds would have to keep paying into it until they are 65, but that would have the unusual result of funding it.
(This is not to suggest giving Social Security to 55 year olds- just Medicare- and they pay for it.)
After twenty years, 45 year olds would be covered (and pay for their coverage twenty more years til sixty five).
If it is found to work, it could be extended more quickly.
Another plus- the bureaucracy and framework already exist for Social Security and Medicare.
Add two more secretaries and more computer memory and you could double the enrollees for a pittance.
(Not exactly, but you get the point.)
The incremental approach also affords the possibility to tweak the program and improve it as needed.
All the while, the statistical input of the Congressional Budget Office can monitor that it remains revenue neutral.
By the way, Social Security and Medicare are not "entitlements". They were paid for. It is a contract with the "buyer".
Would anyone agree to do this?
Nahhh. Makes too much sense.
What about Single Payer System or Universal Health Care?
Eek blasphemy!!
Or what about the "public option" where everyone has the right to join Medicare if they pay for it.
The desire to be covered this way is pretty much universal except for the Republican Congreepersons and their paymasters.

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