Private Prisons

Private prisons are not a good idea.
In fact, private prisons are a really bad idea.
In fact, private prisons could be characterized as evil.
Incarcerating human beings for profit?
Herding human beings for money?
Locking humans in cages for financial gain?
Granted, they are there for punishment, but that is the job of the state. Period.

One of the worst facets is there is no incentive to provide any care that costs money (and subtracts from profit).
Who's going to decide if that prisoner needs dialysis?
A dedicated public service professional trained in penal matters or some minimum-wage functionary scared of losing their job?
Obama, to his credit, began winding down the role of private prisons.
The first week in office, Drumpf granted them a reprieve (see above stock market reference photo).
Care to guess how many pardons Drumpf will give?

And there is no incentive for early release, parole, probation, or rehabilitation.
And lots of them deserve a chance on the outside.

If you're paid by the day, why would you release them a moment early?
Hell, make their lives so miserable, they misbehave and then you have an excuse to lock them in solitary confinement.
Fewer costs; more profit!
(You'd think with the slotted floors, a private prison would consider a toilet a needless luxury.)

That's far more cost effective than maintaing a general prison population that might require social amenites.

And there have been cases of judges bribed to give longer sentences so as to up the private prison population.
No wonder they want to criminalize everything.

God hope you never end up there and God hope you don't need dental work.
(I almost wrote "during your stay", but they prefer to keep you forever or
at least release you the day before you die so the state has to dispose of the body.)

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