Social Security

Imagine a program that has served all citizens who participated by paying a small sliver of their paycheck
for almost eighty years and gives them retirement income proportional to what they paid in.
Furthermore, they have a sister program that provides healthcare.
Not health insurance- health care.
And it is solvernt for another thirty years.
With minor tweaks, it is viable forever.
What would be a good name for a program like this?
How about "Social Security"?
Works for me.

Now imagine this same program has a trust fund of approximately $700,000,000,000.
Now imagine hungry vultures on Wall Street who want to invest this money for you.
Invest it in neat things like North Korean Bank Debentures or Somalian Certificates of Deposit.
Gee. why not? They've never screwed up before.
No one remembers 1929 (The Great Depression).
Now you are conveniently required to forget 2008 (The Great Recession).
Both caused by Republicans and Wall Street. Untold misery.
Hit me again, sir. Hit me again, sir. Thank you, sir.
No one in their right mind would wish to repeat that..
And their elected representatives would never submit to such hideous indecency (we're talking Republicans here).
But remember with Citizens United, corporations are now people. They have as many votes as they have dollars.
Do you have any dollars or does your car need tires this week?
So with all those corporate dollars they go and purchase windup politicians.
(Third aisle, bottom shelf, near the public restrooms.)
And a hell of a good bargain.
Did you know for a $20,000 bribe (rhymes with "campaign contribution") you can get a billion dollars in taxes changed.
Hell of a return on equity.
You'd think Wall Street would market them. Bribery Debentures. Bribery Futures, Bribery Options.
Missing an opportunity here criminal class.

And if the rich had to contribute a tiny sliver of their income, Social Security could be even more comprehensive, bullet-proof and cuddly than it already is.

This author is a senior.
"Keep your hands off my investment in my retirement.
If it's the last thing I do before I die I WILL vote AGAINST you.
Plan on it.
Keep your hands off Social Security.
(except to add the rich:-)

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