Universal Health Care

Universal Health Care is synonomous with a Single Payer System or Medicare for All.
All three are functionally equal if big pharma and insurance companies keep their hands off them.

Universal Health Care is the best choice of words because the words can't be ambiguous or it's not "Universal Health Care".
Use that term. Dare them to stray.
Universal- everyone.
Health Care- not health insurance- health care. There's a difference.

How to pay for it?
This author's son found a number (but has not yet remembered the documentation) for the cost of Universal Health Care.
$59 per month per $20,000 of annual income for Universal Health Care. That's 3.5%.
(Which also shows how much the insurance companies make.)
If you earn $40,000, you pay $118 per month.
Still a deal. Etcetera. ($60,000 pays $177- still a deal).
No cap. No Plan B. No BS.
Is that Socialism? No, it's called "pulling the vampire off your jugular vein."
And No. You're paying for it.
You're just not paying some parasitical leach 500% more than it's worth just to be turned down 'cause you'll cut into their margins.
This is really easy and really clear.

According to sources in Congress, the stack of rules, regulations, and proposed regulations that is the Affordable Care Act
amounts to somewhere in the neighborhood of 20,000 pages even though the physical bill is ONLY 2700 pages!

Here's the new law.
You walk in, give them your Social Security number, sit down and wait till they call your name.
(THAT is the new health care law.)
A wait longer than an hour is reported to an ombudsman which solves the problem.
(That's the enforcement section.)
Anyone who cheats on the system, sells a $7 aspirin or in any way defrauds the system or the patients
loses their right to practice medicine ever again in addition to penalties, fines and punishments. Period.
(That's the penalty section.)
Five percent charge on paycheck or gross income. For all. Period. No exceptions.
(That's the payment schedule.)
You may buy outside insurance if you want. You still pay the 5%.
(Like paying property tax but sending your kids to St. Mary Magdalen's. Free choice.)

Does it get any simpler? Should it be more complex? No and no.

Let's do it.

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