There is this buzz now where some pundits have been dismissive of those speakers who openly thank Veterans for their service.
This author suspects they feel some glory may rub off (doubtful) and they weren't smart enough to think of it first.
Or maybe they are of the "Bone Spur" persuasion or flat feet or didn't like the weather in Viet Nam.
The fact that "hemorhoids" comes before "Iraq" in the dictionary gives no one a priority to opt out of serving.
Or maybe it was just too durn scary or tough.
Women handle it now. That makes them tougher than you. And a better citizen to boot.

This author's father was in World War II. An Oklahoma farmboy flies over the Himalayas and ends up in Kunming, China
Home of the Flying Tigers. He wasn't one. He was a generator operator.

This author and his wife cared for a Sherman tank gunner who was in the first wave at Omaha beach at Normandy.
(His tank is the black blob in the middle.)
It's like touching the hem of royalty.

Saw an old vet at a chicken dinner at the church social with his service hat on.
I said, "I see they let you guys out on the street now."
He started to swell up like a poisoned pup.
I said, "Who were you with?"
He said, "Third Army. General Patton."
I said, "Oh, the bad boys."
Big smile.
I said "Thank you. What did you do?"
He said, "Point man with a BAR."
I said, "And you made it back?"
He said, "I hunted a lot of squirrels back home." Big smile.

Thank you.
And everyone who didn't have to goose-step to work and shout "Sig Heil" this morning- you might wish to manage a thank you also.
In ten more years, the last of them will be over one hundred years old and then it will fade into mythology and denial.
Never forget.

Veterans rightly fear they are used, forgotton and discarded. God forbid that old wound troubles you or you need dialysis.
You got any money we can charge you or any income to supplement what we're gonna deprive you of?
As bad as all that, most Americans can't point to Afghanstan on a map (much less their home state).
You're over there taking fire and they're picking out a new couch. Gee.

A "Thank You" to all vets and a double "Thank You" to those who saw combat.
And angels in heaven singing for those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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