Voter Registration and Voter Disenfranchisement

Dang them pesky wimmen. Got untied from the washing machine agin'.
Every effort must be made to register new voters.
Some mechanisms such as sign-up at driver's license issuance are great.
Voter's registration at Post Offices might be a useful means also.
Often there is resistance to new voter registration, because it is imagined those so registered might vote against the interests of the fatcats.
Voting is guaranteed by the Constitution.
Perhaps those who obstruct this civil right, violate those person's civil rights.
Sounds pretty criminal to me.
Perhaps they should be prosecuted for civil rights violations?

Voter disenfranchisement is an even more evil and pernicous criminal activity.
It can take many forms.
In Florida, the method of choice would be to find a John Doe who committed a murder and then all John Does were wiped from the rolls.
After they were found to be African-American, of course.
At that point, the law-abiding John Does had to prove their innocence in murdering someone to get to vote.
(What happened to presumption of innocence?)
Many people were wiped from the rolls and were not so advised, showed up to vote and were turned away.
Pure evil. Why isn't the clever devil who thought that up behind bars?
This is not an isolated incident.
All fifty states see some manner of voter roll manipulation in order to keep "undesirables" from voting.
"Undesirable" rhymes with "skin color" in that song.
Anyone who has been disenfranchised should make a loud noise and appeal to the Feds (thus by-passing the local "tut-tutters").
Claim your civil rights were violated to the Federal level.
Shine some light under that rock. Persist!

P.S. Most recently, the evil-doers have gutted the Voting Rights Act!
This must be re-instituted.

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