Wall Street

The is the iconic Bull of Wall Street with a new addition (in unusual headgear).
It's us against them.

Here is a more appropriate picture.
Are those "Depends"?
All the more appropriate because they "depends" on us by stealing our money, distorting our economy, abusing their monopoly,
imprisoning us in servitude to their schemes and on and on ad infinitum.
And they leave patties wherever they go.
This diaper (or are those "big boy pants") was all the more necessary because a large number of tourists
were taking photos with the bull's private parts (?) and he was becoming embarassed.
Maybe the City of New York in the name of common decency should remove such blatant displays of genitalia.
(Would castrating this bull be a good allegorical demonstration of what should happen to Wall Street?)
When this author was young, his grandfather showed him how to "nut" male hogs (ouch).
We should "nut" Wall Street.
When they get all soft and flabby from lack of male hormones like this:
we can grind them up for cat food and at least get some use out of them
(Wall Streeters- that is- this guy here's of no use to anyone).

Maybe that girl in the photo above in the "pussy" hat symbolized a cat-food processor rep looking at future inventory?
Sorta keeping in the business-like thread of the venue, eh?

In all seriousness, shall we use a dull knife or a sharp knife?
Really, in all seriousness, Wall Street turnover is $5.000,000,000,000,000 per year.
That's five quadrillion dollars. That's 5000 trillion dollars.
To put it in perspective, our national debt is 18 trillion (and counting) and our gross domestic product is about 18 trillion.
The United States of America isn't even a flyspeck (that's nice-speak for fly-poop) on their trading screens.
The federal government collects 3.7 trillion per year in taxes.
How about if we levy a .001 (one-one-thousandth) tax on them?
That would mean individuals and corporations (who are people) wouldn't need to pay taxes.
What, exactly, is wrong with that idea?
Oh, you request we use the dull knife.
Make it .002 and pay off the national debt, thus leaving no pain for our children and grandchildren.
Now we're cookin'.
See Taxes and Tax Reform.

It is not necessary to go into great detail at this moment.
Suffice it to say the best, easiest and most honest solution would be to give Senator Elizabeth Warren free rein.
Enforce Dodd-Frank.
Prosecute violators.
Lock up criminals.
Make them eat cat food (same brand seniors enjoy).

Reurn to Home.