Where is Zorro when we need him?
(Not the techno Zorros- the Zorro from 1957.)

Here's an interesting plot twist from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zorro_(1957_TV_series)

"After Monastario's final defeat, in the second storyline, Zorro must uncover and counter the machinations of the evil
Magistrado Carlos Galindo, who is part of a plot to rule California.
The third story arc concerns the leader of that conspiracy, the shadowy figure of "The Eagle",
revealed as vain and insecure José Sebastián Vargas.
It's revealed that the plot to gain control of California is so that he can turn it over to another country, implied to be Russia, for a huge profit.
Season One concludes with Vargas' death."

Looks like Trump borrowed his storyline from Disney and expanded on it.
A) Copyright infringemet (normal for the Donald).
B) Trump is equally vain and insecure as the character.
C) Is the leader of Russia in the 1957 version El Vladimiro de la Putina?
D) Will Trump's Season One end similarly well?

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