I was born in Illinois, raised in Belleville, went to school at BAC (SWIC), University of Illinois at Springfield, and finally Graduate studies at Washington University where I was an Engineering Fellow. Didn't do me a bit of good. I am still an ordinary working stiff. I drive a twenty-year-old car and change my own oil and brakes. I have a tree farm near Millstadt. My mother and father were union organizers and taught at SWIC (back when it was Belleville Junior College) for over forty years. My wife is a professor of languages at the college level also. I have been known to use multiple-syllable words, and I will employ very forceful language to advance your interests should you choose me to represent you. My interests will be education, healthcare, jobs, environment, tolerance, still more jobs and the host of progressive issues that make us a wonderful, diverse country.

I am a senior citizen kind of guy. I have seen lots of things. I am a co-founder and builder of City Museum. Prior to that, I was Commercial Liaison to the Russian Academy of Sciences. I was in Moscow for a number of years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. I am a manufacturer of torque multipliers. I know the angst of small business. I am trained as a mathematician and environmental scientist. I turned a blind-eye to a fine education and picked up a sledge hammer and shovel and wrecked buildings- hence some of the fine architectural stuff in City Museum :-). Later I would apprentice as a machinist. I will be able to wear many hats in Congress, and my hands are calloused. Apart from a little dab of church each week, I work fourteen-hour days. I am tenacious, and when it comes to representing the interests of Southern Illinois, I will be there.

I am not a conventional candidate. I am a private person and will begin one-on-one and face-to-face. I will begin at the very grass roots of our communities. When I am comfortable that you are comfortable with my message, you will begin to wonder when I'll ever stop to breathe (much less ever stop typing). There, I said it. Let's do this. It will be rewarding and good is on our side. Thank you.

Born January 19, 1953 Gibson City, Illinois
Moved to Belleville 1955

Attended Kindergarten Franklin School Belleville 1957-1958
Attended Pontiac-William Holiday School 1958-1960
Attended Harmony-Emge-Ellis 1960-1967
Attended Belleville Township High School West 1967-1971
Attended Belleville Area College (SWIC) 1971-1973
Attended University of Illinois at Springfield (Sangamon) 1973-1975
Attended University of Missouri at St. Louis 1976
Attended Washington University Graduate School of Engineering 1977-1984

Eagle Scout with Gold Palms 1966 (Senator Alan Dixon & Lt. Governor Dave O'Neil were Board of Review)
National Merit Scholar 1971
Illinois State Scholar 1971
Washington University Engineering Fellow 1971
Illinois Mathematics Competion 2nd Place 1968
Illinois Mathematics Competion 2nd Place 1969
Illinois Mathematics Competion 1st Place 1970
USA National Two-Year College Mathematics Competion 3rd in nation 1973
Goethe Fellow 1983 (Washington University and the German Government)

St. Clair County Fair Association 1969-1971
Dan's Used Cars and Parts, Mascoutah 1972-1973
Self-employment to present:
Restoration Affiliates (Architectural Salvage and Large-scale Demolition) 1973 to present
Contract Couriers (Industrial Supplies & Tools), Kingston, Jamaica 1986-1993
Rus-Tool (Rossiska Instrumenta), Moscow, Russia 1993-2001
Commercial Liaison to the Russian Academy of Sciences 1994-2000
Co-Founder and Builder of City Museum 1995-1997
Producer of Russian Dinosaur Exhibition 1996-2000
Science Director, City Museum 1997-2011
Wrecked and Salvaged Waterloo Granary 2008
Designs and manufactures Mammoth Torque Multipliers
Currently building the Taj Mahal of Illinois
Has a farm in southern Illinois with 2000 Walnut, 500 Pecan and 10,000 Cypress trees- all hand planted by himself.

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The Russian Dinosaur Exposition CD-ROM; HTML format; 500 pages ISBN #0-9727624-4-2
From Odin to Oklahoma- 2000 years of Selective Breeding CD-ROM; HTML format; 39,200 pages ISBN #0-9727624-5-0
A Theorem & Proof on the Density of Primes Utilizing Primorials (1986) HTML format
Identification & Proofs of the Kai Function & the Yin Function (1993) HTML format
Formulae for Generating All Prime Numbers (1995) HTML format
Formulae for Generating Prime Numbers (1996) HTML format
Formulae for Determining Primality or Compositeness (1996) HTML format
Tables of Prime Numbers from 1 to 13,700,000,000 DVD; HTML format; 1,000,000 pages ISBN #0-9727624-9-3
Tables of Twin Prime Numbers from 3 to 34,000,000,000 CD-ROM; HTML format; 157,000 pages ISBN #0-9727624-0-X
A Strong and Accurate Result for the Number of Prime Pairs by Utilizing a Quadratic Equation (submitted for publication) 2015
A Very Accurate Means to Confirm Known Maximal Prime Gaps, Confirm Conjectured Maximal Prime Gaps, Predict the Magnitude
of Unknown Larger Maximal Prime Gaps and an Unexpected Refinement of Shank's Conjecture (submitted for publication) 2015
Some Results Concerning the Number of Prime Pairs of Similar Sized Gaps (submitted for publication) 2015
The Actual Number of Prime Pairs P(n) and P(n+1) of a Particular Sized Gap versus the Number Predicted
by the Hardy-Littlewood Conjecture of the Number of Prime Pairs (submitted for publication) 2015
The Maximum Size (comparatively speaking) of the Product Co-efficient of the Hardy-Littlewood Prime Gap Conjecture
(submitted for publication) 2015